The future of sustainable transportation attracts the attention of companies in the Kingdom

The National Transportation Solutions Company (NTSC) developed a comprehensive Decarbonization Roadmap for some of the most important companies in the Kingdom, like SADAFCO and Naqel Express, where we developed a multi-year plan for both companies to transition their fleets to zero-emission commercial vehicles by 2030.

We delivered five electric trucks to Naqel Express and the first electric Ice Cream truck to SADAFCO. These are the first steps in implementing the fleet sustainability plan, which will be expanded in the coming months and years.

However, as we are the leading provider of sustainable fleet management solutions in the Kingdom, NTSC is at the forefront of the Decarbonization efforts for numerous major companies in the KSA. We are the only company in the Middle East to have developed a trademarked Decarbonization Roadmap for customers that will help them reduce their fleet’s carbon footprint and meet the final goal of achieving a fully sustainable fleet by the year 2030 in keeping with our client’s corporate goals and regulatory requirements Saudi Arabia as envisioned under the Vision 2030 program.

NTSC’s Decarbonization Roadmap is internationally recognized and is available with a certification that customers can use for their ESG reporting.

What are the Decarbonization Roadmap phases?

Phase3: Data Gathering & Analysis

Phase 2: Establishing Carbon Baseline

Phase 3: Review Existing Policies & Regulations

Phase 4: Identify and Assess Low – and Zero-Carbon Alternative

Phase 5: Develop a Full Decarbonization Roadmap for the Next Five years.

It is worth noting that NTSC has acquired 34% of the market share in the field of fleet management and sustainable solutions in just one year. As it is considered the fastest-growing company in the region and the leading company in the Kingdom, Middle East, and North Africa in this field.