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NTSC Mobility Platform

NTSC mobility platform is a comprehensive fleet management system that comes with complete automation and minimal human involvement. From real-time GPS tracking of the vehicles to maintenance and reporting, it encompasses everything. With cloud connectivity and the availability of mobile apps, you can monitor your fleet on the go. It helps fleet businesses streamline their daily activities and boost productivity. 

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Cross-platform Mobile App

NTSC Fleet Management System comes with a cross-platform mobile app available for both Android and iOS. Users can simply download the app on their phones to monitor the fleet operations on the go. From the real-time location and reporting to the motion status and trip history, you can check everything on the NTSC mobile app. It enables a business to get the latest updates on the fleet operations and make smart timely decisions resulting in better productivity.

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End-to-end Automation without Human Involvement

The topnotch vehicle diagnostics indicate maintenance tasks early and a service is generated automatically by the system. All the garages receive the service request and the maintenance is carried out at the nearest one. After the completion of the maintenance task, the client is notified to pick up the vehicle from the garage. From start till the end, there is minimal human involvement making the process seamless and error-free.


Fleet Maintenance

NTSC fleet management system offers a fully automated maintenance for commercial fleets to run operations smoothly resulting in better productivity. With the availability of an automated mechanism, spare parts and a wide range of garages across KSA, the service and repair tasks can be completed hassle-free.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Wide Garage Coverage
  • Sensor Integration
  • Geofencing
  • Accident Report
  • Record of Invoices
Fleet Management

NTSC Mobility Platform offers complete management of the fleet including Real-Time Location Monitoring, Sensor Integration, Driver Management, Vehicle Security, Notifications, Trip Management, etc. You can find all the required functionalities in one platform saving you from the inconvenience of using multiple systems. With a centralized system and automated mechanism, you can enhance the productivity of your business resulting in more profitability.


With NTSC mobility platform, you can compile reports for trips, Engine Hours, Fuel, Drivers, Maintenance, etc. You can select a customized duration of the report by choosing the time and date according to the requirement. With insightful reporting, you can assess the efficiency of the operations enabling smart data-driven decisions. 

Custom Reporting

NTSC’s fleet management system offers customized reporting which allows users to select the date and time according to their requirement. In addition to the default templates, users can create custom report templates by selecting the required fields in it.

Downloading Option

The reports are downloadable in Excel and PDF formats allowing the user to save the required data for detailed analysis. Users can also share reports to custom emails for keeping a record.

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Realtime Notifications

A large number of real-time notifications can be created based on various events. From digital and analogue notifications to eco-driving and maintenance reminders, you can receive notifications for everything. Users can select different mediums to receive the notifications including emails, SMS, mobile app, web app, etc. Custom commands can also be attached with the event-based notifications. The initial trigger and repetition interval can also be set for the alerts.

Trip History

NTSC Fleet Management System offers full record of the trips completed by a vehicle. Users can select the time and date for which they want to view the tracks. In addition to the duration of the trip, its starting/ending time and distance covered is also shown. Complete trip route is displayed on the map with the starting and ending locations. The trips are downloadable in KML format.


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