National Commercial Vehicle Care Saudi Arabia is ideally designed for commercial vehicle maintenance and all repairs


Vehicle Check

General inspection is conducted to find out the root cause of the issue.


Issue Detection

The issue is detected and a solution is identified.


All Repairs

Wide range of repair services delivered with 100% efficiency.

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NCVC maintains largest multi-brand inventory of spare parts in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for most popular commercial vehicles such as Mercedes, Volvo, MAN, UD, Renault, Isuzu, FUSO, Scania, Mitsubishi, and others. It offers commercial vehicles a single location to visit for all of their service and repair needs. An experienced and dedicated maintenance staff at NTSC guarantees that every job is completed on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Electrical Solution

Complete wiring, battery and spark plug maintenance and repair.

Mechanical Fixes

Axle, steering system, suspension system servicing

Tires and Braking Service

Wheel alignment, Tire pressure, brake pad and shoe maintenance.

What We Do


Availability of Spare Parts

NCVC not only offers outstanding customer service, but they also provide all necessary accessories, saving their customers the trouble of looking elsewhere. You can get everything you need under one roof, from brake pads to oil filters, which is an unparalleled convenience. Our technical team also recommends the best possible options to the customers based on their specific needs which helps them make the right choice


Efficient Service

Commercial Vehicle Care ensures efficiency with a team of skilled professionals in charge. When it comes to maintenance, we have a state-of-the-art system in place that ensures that every task is completed quickly without sacrificing service quality. Our service's ultimate goal is the happiness of the customers, and we take every step possible to make that happen.

Wide National Garages

For commercial vehicles ranging from small vans to large industrial vehicles, NTSC’s Commercial Vehicle Care Saudi Arabia service is the answer. We cater to every aspect of the service to make sure that there is no loophole in the service. Our staff is well-versed in providing the best possible solutions to meet the needs of the vehicle, resulting in the desired outcomes.

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Our Expert Team

National Commercial Vehicle Care Saudi Arabia has a professional team with years of experience in dealing with the maintenance of various types of commercial vehicles. We analyze the needs of the client and come up with the quickest and most effective solution. Our team makes sure that the client is satisfied 100% at the end of the service.

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