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NTSC is the first company in the Middle East to have developed a full-service solution for transition to zero-emissions fleets. From measuring the carbon footprint of commercial fleets to designing a comprehensive roadmap to reduce carbon emissions, NTSC facilitates in smooth transitioning to sustainable fleet technology. Through partnerships with the leading manufacturers for zero-emissions mobility, NTSC enables businesses to adopt sustainable transportation.

Carbon Footprint Analysis and Consultation

NTSC offers complete assistance from measurement of carbon footprint to analyzing the factors responsible for growing carbon footprint. Our expert team uses the relevant data to analyze short-term and long-term trends of the carbon emissions of the fleet. We offer strategy for carbon emission reduction including provision of green hydrogen fuel and conversion of ICEs to FCEVs.

    Accurate measurement of carbon footprint per fleet

     Data analysis to gauge the emission trends

     Identifying reasons contributing to the expansion of carbon footprint

Partnership with Top EV Manufacturers

For the future of sustainable transportation, we organised partnerships with the world’s top manufacturers and technology developers for zero-emissions mobility. NTSC has initiated the First Heavy Transport Pilot in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia powered by green hydrogen and using 44T Heavy FC EV Truck as the Zero-Emissions Commercial Vehicle Platform.

     Partnership with leading EV manufacturers like Quantron etc. 

     Provision of EV charging stations across KSA

     Helping fleet transition to EV

Compliance plan for fleet emissions regulations

NTSC helps fleet business meet the fleet compliance requirements of the operational area by providing an efficient mechanism. Keeping the location, scale and scope of the fleet, the fleet emissions regulations and requirements are identified and a plan is designed accordingly. NTSC enables commercial fleets to run operations safely and smoothly by fulfilling all the local compliance needs. 

     Update fleet business on latest compliance needs

     Identifying the shortcomings in terms of compliance 

     Providing a plan to get compliant with the regulations


Hydromin is a technology driven new energy company and is a single source solution provider for clients and projects with variegated green energy and zero-emissions mobility needs. Hydromin consists of four primary


     On-site production of green hydrogen through scalable, modular Electrolyzer plants powered by renewable energy for fueling Over-Land and Marine transport platforms. Ability to generate 100% Green, 99.99% purity hydrogen based on client demand needs at any specific location.

    Distribution of FCEV commercial vehicles in KSA and MENA Region and near-future assembly of the same in KSA .

    Near future distribution of heavy FCEV Logistics and Ground Handling Equipment (GSE)

    Assembly in KSA of FCEV 44Ton Heavy Truck with the world leading Long Range (up to 1,500km)

    Enabler of the deployment of zero-emissions multi-modal long-haul transportation platforms through development of “Hydrogen Corridors” connecting key destinations throughout the Kingdom

    Production of Green Hydrogen from various bio-waste in a scalable cutting-edge technology plant

Energy Economics

From estimating expenses to developing a plan for utilizing feasible alternative sources, NTSC caters to the cost-effective energy requirements of commercial fleets.

    Accurately estimating energy costs of a fleet

   Calculating TCO (Total cost of ownership) including the energy expenses.

    Identifying trends in energy costs to offer useful insights

    Providing a mechanism to cut down energy expenses

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