NTSC announces Gary B. Flom as its new CEO

National Transportation Solutions Company (NTSC) has announced Gary B. Flom as its new CEO. He is an influential and successful entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in serving the top automobile firms like Ford. Gary Flom has expertise in various aspects of automotive retail industry ranging from operations and acquisitions to financial management, and labor relations.

Gary B Flom took over Ford Motor Company Mobility & Innovation Flagship Center in 1998. He served as the President and CEO at Ford Motors for more than 18 years taking the compnay to new heights of success. In 2017, he became the managing partner of IMAA Advanced Management Solutions.

Gary Flom is an expert in sustainable mobility and has played a key role in converting the ICE commercial fleets to zero-emissions platforms. His vision for NTSC is to make it an automotive sustainability model for other firms. Commenting on it, Gary B. Flom said:

“Mobility is at the crossroads of an exciting, revolutionary phase. There is a new, modern approach and higher focus on the total cost of ownership, adaptation of advanced fleet management technology as well as emergence of sustainably-minded alternatives, all of which signals exciting possibilities for the future of logistics and will drive its light-speed growth in keeping with the Vision 2030 objectives,”